Aprilia RS 125

Around 2007 I was driving an Aprilia RS 125 which I just bought after getting my motorcycle driving licince. At that time the licence was restricted to a maximum of 25 kW (34 PS or 33,5 HP) for the first years. The RS 125 had 23 kW and 144 kg which was the maximum power-to-weight ratio, which was also a limit due to the drivers licence at that time.

At that time i was selected as a forum moderator in a bulletin board (which is offline since quite some time) with the nickname “sonic.noize”, had a website and was quite deep into all the details with the enginge and stuff around the boke. As these sites (sonic-rs.de as well as apriliaforum.de) are all offline now I decided to put this old stuff back online here – maybe it can help someone to solve some problems.

(This content is not yet translated! View the german version instead.)

After some years my interest in motorcycles vanished, I was still interested in machines and working but loud exhausts and living for some kind of racining just didn’t suit anymore. Acutally I started enyoing nature on a bicycle more than on a motorbike. It is difficult to ride motorcycles with a lot of people if you do not like loud exhausts (it is a pain in the ass if you accidentially live next to a busy street and a ruthless behaviour) or if you don’t like to race arround turns where you just don’t see enough. But nevertheless, I really like to work on engines and I’m still convinced of cycling, especially in times where cars get ridiculously bigger and heavyer all the time.

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