Privacy policy

The website operator, named in the imprint (legal information) of the website, explains in this privacy policy when, how and where which data is collected, processed or stored for which purpose.

As this website is registered to a private individual in Germany, the German privacy law implementation of the EU privacy regulation, called the DSGVO, is applied. As the German data protection regulations are among the strictest wordwide, this privacy policy should also meet other countries requirements.

This is a translation of the original privacy policy written in German. In doubt, the German version of the privacy policy is applied.

1 Logging of communication and meta data

When you visit or interact with this site, provided the site is accessed under the domain “” (see point 8: AMP), data is automatically recorded and processed in log files by the web hosting service, STRATO AG. The web hosting service provider explains:

[…] Log-files will also be aquired as visitors visit your (this) website. The following data will be logged: customer domain ( in this case), Anonymised client-IP, request-header, timestamp, status code, size of response body, referer sent by the client, user agent sent by the client, remote user. (Translated from 2 c) ). Non-anonymised IP adresses will be saved for a maximum of seven days and will be anonymized afterwards.

The website operator has access to the following pseudonymised data for each website visit for the period of the past 6 weeks:

  • Hostname (anonymized)
  • Requested Site
  • Protocoll
  • Client operating system
  • Client browser

This log data can be accessed by the website operator. This is also explained here:

There is no exporting and no further analysis then those things described above.

Purpose of logging communication and meta data: The logging of communication and metadata is done for the purpose of webhosting by the web hosting service.

2 Cookies

This website sets the following cookies, if required, which are technically necessary for the use of the website. This is the case if you log in on the page with a user profile (see point 5) (manually or via social login) or if you set the option to save your data in the browser for further comments when commenting without a user profile.

When commenting on pages or posts without registration, cookies are stored with the user name, website and e-mail address entered, if the corresponding option is selected in the comment field. These are the cookies comment_author_****, comment_email_**** and comment_url_****.

If you have a user profile on this website, you have the option of automatically logging in using two cookies when you visit the site again by selecting the “Save login data” field. These are the cookies wordpress_**** with your login data and wordpress_logged_in_***. Cookies for login data expire after two weeks. When display settings are changed in the website dashboard, they are stored in a cookie wp-settings-****, which expires after two years.

3 Contact via Contact Form

When using the contact form, the data given in the contact form will be transmitted encrypted via an SSL connection and stored in the website operator’s e-mail box. The personal data provided

  • Name
  • eMail address
  • IP address and web browser used at the time of sending
  • All other data given in the contact form

are stored in the form of the transmitted e-mail of the contact form on the e-mail box of the website operator and are automatically saved on several end devices. A passing on, duplication or other processing of the personal data does not take place. The transmitted e-mail is deleted after 2 years at the latest.

Purpose of data collection and processing: The data will be used for the purpose of communication between the website operator and the contact person. The data IP address and web browser used are stored for security reasons.

4 Commenting Pages or Posts

If you send a comment under a page or an article, everything you filled in the forms is transmitted to the mySQL database of the website, stored there and, if necessary, published after a check.

Additionally, your or the current IP address by which the comment was transmitted with, will be stored.

If you are logged in with a user profile, this comment and the IP address used will be directly assigned to your user profile. If the comment function is available without prior login, you can also comment without a user profile. In this case, in addition to the comment, the information

  • Specified Name
  • eMail address
  • Website, if provided

is stored. Please note that requests for a deletion request can only be fulfilled if a comment can be assigned to you (see point 6: Deletion request).

With your comment the name or pseudonym you have given and the website you have specified will also be published. Your e-mail address will not be published.

Activating the checkbox allows the data you enter there to be saved as a cookie in your browser (see point 2: Cookies).

5 Data deletion and deletion request

You can send a data deletion request via the contact form or by sending a letter to the address in the imprint.

Please note that only data that can be assigned to you can be deleted. Anonymous comments that cannot be assigned to you either by name or by a valid e-mail address cannot be removed in the context of a deletion request.

6 Data extract

In order to receive an extract of all data assigned to your person, please request this via the contact form with your e-mail address.

7 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Many pages of this website are available as so-called AMP versions for an optimized, data-saving and fast view on mobile devices.

AMP pages can be made available via so-called CDN (Content Delivery Network, a network of many servers which provides the content when called up) instead by the web host mentioned in point 1. This happens if you use a corresponding service (e.g. a search engine or an app on a smartphone) and request the page there from this service. This request is then not carried out by the website operator, but by the provider of the CDN whose service you use for this purpose. If you open a page via a CDN, the data protection regulations of the provider you have chosen yourself apply, especially for the collection of communication and metadata. This provider will collect data from you on which the website operator has no influence.

Example: If you use the Google Chrome browser on a smartphone with Android operating system, a round symbol with a flash appears next to the respective search results, indicating an AMP page. When opening this search result, you may also see in the address line that you are still on the “” page. Please note that Google may change this practice at any time.

You will never be directed from this website to any of the pages outside of this website.

8 Additional efforts to protect your data

In accordance with article 25 of the DSGVO, this website has been designed in such a way that data collection and processing is reduced to the minimum explained in this privacy policy.

No fonts or other objects from other providers or external web servers are embedded.

No additional analysis tools (“Analytics”) are used, only the collection of communication and meta data specified in point 1 is carried out.

So-called tracking cookies or personalized advertising is not used. The usage of cookies is reduced to the technically required minimum.