Exhaust system

The RS 250 was sold in Germany with a catalytic converter. Because of the heat caused by the chemical reaction in the catalytic converter, the system is equipped with heat protection plates and stainless steel silencers. The non-catalytic exhaust system has aluminum mufflers covered with a carbon tube. In Germany, most RS drivers call the default non-catalytic system the “italian exhaust”

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Brake bleeding and footrests

Now, after nine years pause, there was the opportunity to continue working on the RS-250 project after a few relocations and life stages. Studying, changing careers and the associated unsuitable rental apartments in various places across Germany were the reason why there was no further progress on this project for years. During this time, the RS 250 stood covered in my parents’ barn, parts packed in boxes.

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HowTo: Simgenics RBMK-1000-Simulator

The YouTube algorithm suggested a video from user argilaga about a power plant simulator for the RBMK reactors some time ago. I have now also dealt with this simulator myself and would like to share my experiences in this blog entry. Since I have already dealt intensively with the start-up of a coal-fired power plant, I would like to try to apply my experience to the RBMK reactor and pass it on.

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PrusaSlicer Config for Anycubic “4Max Pro 2.0”

I recently bought the Anycubic “4Max Pro 2.0” and I’m using PrusaSlicer as a slicing software at the moment.

The 4Max Pro 2 comes with three configurations for Cura on the SD card, based on these parameters I created a configuration collection for PrusaSlicer.

Update (03/2022): These profiles are now officially part of PrusaSlicer since v2.4.1, there is no need to import them afterwards.

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