myaxisc class for MATLAB

Finally, after years of programmatically putting togehter figures with multiple axis, I created a class based approach for creating figures with multiple y axis. This allows easier customization and usage for GUI programming. I have procrastinated this problem since 2009, basically since I’m using MATLAB.

This is an object orientated approach for creating plots with three or more y axis. myaxisc, short for “Multiple Y Axis Class”, is a class holding all the axes objects needed to display multiple Y axis. Second axis is placed on the right side, the additional axes are placed on the left side.

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Lots of small pieces

A lot of hoses, electrical connections and other small pieces have been installed now. It is now clear that it is vital to take lots of pictures during disassembly, those are coming in handy now.

The rear frame will be fully mounted as soon as the rear fairing and footrests are finished.

For now the chain, rear brake, exhaust system, air filter (the box is empty) and the footrest system are still missing. You can even mount the fairing in this condition, just looks a bit thin without the exhaust.