Thermal Repasting Lenovo X380 Yoga

On my Lenovo X380 Yoga, I wanted to find out how much the performance can be improved after a year of use by replacing the thermal compound. To do this, I opened the device, replaced the thermal paste and did some benchmarks before and after replacing the thermal compound.

It uses an 4 core Intel Core i5 8250U with 1,6 GHz (Turbo up to 3,4 GHz).

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Matlab: Scripts, Functions and local Functions

Sooner or later you come across the fact that you can not only create scripts and save them as .m files in Matlab, but also code certain things:

  • Functions
  • Local Functions
  • Nested Functions
  • Classes

Why you should deal with it sooner rather than later and what you can do with that, I’ll explain in this blog article with the help of some example.

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Contact Form 7 in Neve Theme with Elementor

The WordPress theme “Neve” used in a demo on the Elementor landing page uses “WPForms” for the contact form. I wanted to put such a form on the start page, but with CF7 it didn’t work right away. The careless integration of CF7 on an Elementor page unfortunately doesn’t work directly, in contrast to the theme “Astra”, but it is possible.

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Hello World

This webpage is currently built from scratch, some things will change in the next weeks and later. It will become some kind of personal blog and web site and a new startup. So this is basically just a live test system.

I’m testing the new word press concepts and twenty nineteen theme with some customization, the site will look different from time to time.