HowTo: Simgenics RBMK-1000-Simulator

The YouTube algorithm suggested a video from user argilaga about a power plant simulator for the RBMK reactors some time ago. I have now also dealt with this simulator myself and would like to share my experiences in this blog entry. Since I have already dealt intensively with the start-up of a coal-fired power plant, I would like to try to apply my experience to the RBMK reactor and pass it on.

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PrusaSlicer Config for Anycubic “4Max Pro 2.0”

I recently bought the Anycubic “4Max Pro 2.0” and I’m using PrusaSlicer as a slicing software at the moment.

The 4Max Pro 2 comes with three configurations for Cura on the SD card, based on these parameters I created a configuration collection for PrusaSlicer.

Update (03/2022): These profiles are now officially part of PrusaSlicer since v2.4.1, there is no need to import them afterwards.

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Thermal Repasting Lenovo X380 Yoga

On my Lenovo X380 Yoga, I wanted to find out how much the performance can be improved after a year of use by replacing the thermal compound. To do this, I opened the device, replaced the thermal paste and did some benchmarks before and after replacing the thermal compound.

It uses an 4 core Intel Core i5 8250U with 1,6 GHz (Turbo up to 3,4 GHz).

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