About Me

Decades ago someone said in a popular german tv show for kids regarding nuclear waste: Someone of you might have an idea how else we could generate electricity. This was part of my daily job a long time until you realize that there are lots of technological innovations for many problems, but hardly any against egoism, unreasonableness and excessive greed. I try to repair everything, I’m not using a car for daily life and try to do everything by bicylce. But all this doesn’t take my passion for mechanics and repairing.

On this page I publish everything I feel like doing, without commercial purpose. So you can find here some repair instructions and technical background knowledge about a motorcycle as well as information about hydraulic impact tools or other things that apparently have nothing to do with each other.


The name was originally „Hard Rock Intrusion Tools“ created for some company ideas with similarities to my name. It was then used for this website because of its uniqueness and has no other meaning.


Latest Blog Entries

Hydraulic Down-The-Hole Hammer Drilling

As I worked some years on the topic, I’m still interested in the development of hydraulic down the hole hammer drills. So I decided to make some pages to share my knowledge here.

What are these tools and what are they used for?

Which innovation lead to the development of thees tools in history?

How do the hydraulic-mechanic percussion drives actually work?

Workshop and Mechanics Corner

Decades ago, this was around 2007, I bought a small Aprilia RS 125 motorcylce and gained some experience in reparing it. I also had a small website (sonic-rs.de) and was elected as moderator in a bulletin board regarding these bikes.

Most of my knowledge, tipps and ideas can be read online on the pages for the RS 125 here.