The first package from MuS Förster arrived, he checked the crankshaft and the cylinders. The crankshaft was in very good condition and was only re-balanced, the cylinders unfortunately had to be recoated because of a damage due to loose catalyst parts. I also ordered some small parts like gaskets there.

And the second package has arrived too. After only 5 days delivery time the parcel arrived from New CNC milled power valves, also known as Cooper Valves or Cougar Valves. Here the problems of the weak center pins were solved by milling the whole part out of a solid body. Maybe a bit expensive, considering that I don’t want to drive the bike anymore and just put it into my livingroom.

Recoating Cylinders429,99 €
Pistons150,00 €
Gaskets and misc parts114,39 €
Crankshaft balancing70,00 €
Cougar Power Valves602,84 €

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