Engine Warming-Up

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Pressing the starter button and turn the gas tap right away, check if the engine “takes gas” – that’s exactly how to break the engine and ensure a small lifetime.

The biggest mistake you can actually make is to turn up the engine right after the start. Show who is the boss here. Check the throttle response.

Warming up is extremely important for a long engine life. If the engine is cold, the preloads of bearing arrangements, the piston clearance, tilting clearance and also the viscosity of the oil do not fit, the wear is extremely high when the engine is cold and under high load.

After the start, you should never turn the gas tap on maximum but drive off comfortably (true to the motto: if you drive slowly you will be seen longer). The engine should neither be loaded with full power in the respective rpm nor should one drive in high rpm. Below 7.000 rpm you can still get through the traffic reasonably well, it shouldn’t be more than that. After 3-4 km the machine is warm, in winter it takes longer.

You read and hear from time to time from people who warm up their bike for more than 10 km. That sounds generous, but it is not necessary. A normal motorcycle and cars use a 4-stroke engine, whose engine oil is pumped from an oil pan to various places, including many bearings, the crankshaft and through some holes between cylinder and piston. In order for the lubrication by the oil to work optimally, the oil should be at the temperature it is designed for, which means that the complete engine block has to reach temperature when warming up. The cooling water is faster there, so you should not go directly after the cooling water temperature. There is no such thing with the RS125.

The RS 125 is warmed up as soon as piston and cylinder are at their operating temperature, easily measurable with the cooling water. There is no oil circuit that has to be warmed up. We are not interested in the temperature of the gearbox, because no hydrodynamic slide bearings are used here, here we don’t have to wait for the temperature.

Because of the missing oil circuit the warm-up time is much shorter compared to a 4-stroke, but because of the bad lubrication by the oil and gasoline mixture and the longer piston it is way more important!

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