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For the Dell’Orto VHST 28 CD, which was used in the last models (RM and RD), there are several setups available.

On the RD and RM models the carburettor also has a carburettor heating, a TPS (throttle position sensor) and a connection for an additional idle air system.

ModelRS 125 RD/RM without RAVE ​[1]​ ​[2]​ ​[3]​RS 125 Factory Setting ​[4]​SX 125 11 kW ​[5]​
Main Jet132132128
RestrictedNeedleD 49D 49D 49
AtomiserHN 268HN 266
11 kWNeedle clip position4th3rd
Idle JetU 36U 3636
Choke Jet90
Throttle Valve454550
Idle mixture adjustment screw1 3/41 3/4
ModelRD/RM with RAVE ​[1]​ ​[2]​Track Upgrade ​[3]​Recommended by italian drivers ​[2]​SX 125 full power ​[5]​
Main Jet170185135 … 175160
Full PowerJet needleD 53D 53D 49D 53
AtomiserHN 268HN 266HN 268
~ 17 kWNeedle clip position1st1st3rd
Idle JetS 45S 45S 4538
Choke Jet7090
Throttle valve50504550
Idle mixture adjustment screw2 1/42 1/44
Jetting Chart

A “-” in the table means that no information was given for the respective part in this variant.

Connectors and Jets

These pictures show connectors, components and jets of the VHST 28

Main Jet

The main jet of 185 listed for derestricted bikes is indeed very large​[4]​, for the Euro3 standard in Germany a 170 main jet is used​[1]​. If the machine stutters and runs too rich, the man jet can be reduced in steps of 5 down to 135​[2]​.

Compared to the PHBH 28, the VHST has an atomizer nozzle type “HN” with holes for mixing the gasoline with air in the atomizer. This air reaches the atomizer through the air nozzle at the bottom center at the connection to the air filter and is fed directly above the main nozzle. This difference results in the comparatively large diameter of the main nozzle and the large area with high steps for tuning.

Jet Needle

The needle clip indicates the position at which the clip is placed on the jet needle counted from the top position.

The two nozzle needles D49 and D53 differ significantly in the change of the needle diameter, the D53 is much steeper.

Differences between Jet Needle D49 and D53

Since the needle clip positions are different in the factory setups, it is not sufficient to compare only the dimensions of the needles. Compared to the D49, the D53 produces a leaner mixture at low gas valve positions and a richer mixture at higher gas valve positions.

Throttle Slide

The throttle slide code number indicates the height of the slider cutaway. This height influences the mixture formation at very low gas slide valve positions by changing or shifting the negative pressure that is formed.

Throttle Slides 45 and 55

A larger gas slider cutout leads to a leaner mixture, a smaller gas slider cutout leads to a richer mixture at low gas slider positions.

A stutter when starting up due to a mixture that is too rich may indicate that the gas slide opening is too small.


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