It’s a tiresome discussion, but the question keeps coming up:

The outlet slider is installed in that way that the rounded, large surface on the front faces downwards.
No, even if this is often claimed. Fortunately, the engine only runs worse with a wrongly installed power valve, an intact power valve is also too short to touch the piston if it is installed the wrong way round.

Only when the installation direction is correct the power valve can manipulate the effective compression at low speeds, at high speeds the slider has virtually no effect, as described in this article about its function.

The following pictures show why and in which direction the outlet slide has to be installed.

Now you might ask yourself: How do you get the idea to install the power valve the wrong way round?

The drawings in the spare parts catalogue or the exploded drawings there can lead to confusion. Basically, exploded drawings show assemblies in a disassembled state. Since the power valve has to be turned around to secure the wire rope hoist when removing or installing it in the housing, it is not shown in the direction of installation, but in the direction in which it would be removed. As it is always shown in exploded drawings.

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  1. Hi good tips there and advice I wonder if you could give me some guidance on why my rave valve seems to open too early, it seems hit a flat spot at around 7800 and then it pulls through about 8000 and it’s off like a rocket, it’s more noticeable in 5th and 6th gear, if I could describe the issue it’s like someone just pulls the brake for a second or so

    1. Hi, that can happen actually – therefore there are three different rave control electronics available which open at 7.100, 7.800 and 8.400 1/min. By connecting gray and red, the opening rpm rises by additional 200 1/min which should be the case by default. In case you experience an opening too early, try using the 8.400 control unit. regards

      1. Thanks for your reply. My rave controller is built into the ecu how do I know Which one I have, I don’t suppose you have any pictures it’s 2007 model