When disassembling the front fork it turned out that the crumbs on the spars were not crumbs at all but rust spots where the chrome layer already had holes. So the fork legs are scrap.

As the fork was irreparably damaged and a chrome plating would have cost about 280 €, I bought a used fork at eBay for 240 €. The seller assured me that the chrome layer was undamaged. After unpacking I saw that the fork was still dirty in the appropriate places that the seller can never have checked the chrome layer in those places. As it is unfortunately like that today: The main important thing is that something was sold.

Fortunately there was no damage under the dirt chute, in general the spars were in much better condition than the old ones. Unfortunately the aluminium ends are smeared with some glue, which I had to remove mechanically. Unfortunately this did not work without traces, but fortunately these are on the inside of the fork.

The fork was completely disassembled, cleaned and fitted with new rod seals and new fork oil.

previous4309,82 €
Used front fork (eBay)249,90 €
Fork Oil21,76 €
Sum4581,48 €

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