For the assembly of the cylinder heads I had to order new expansion bolts and a few other small parts, these should not be reused after disassembly.

Unfortunately the copper gaskets at the nuts at the cylinder head are not according to standard, so the old gaskets were brushed off and installed again.

The stud bolts/expansion screws are screwed in with a stud bolt insertion/removal tool, but only slightly tightened. In order to keep the corrosion somehow limited, the threads are lubricated with anti-seize paste beforehand. The sleeves, which are also newly purchased, are oiled. The nuts are tightened with 25 Nm.

The rear frame was then mounted and the first plastic parts and the wiring harness was put inside the frame.

Only stainless steel screws are used here (with the exception of the rear frame itself) if no high tensile strength is required. For this purpose I have bought a whole bunch of screws with 100 pieces each of the most common sizes.

The hoses of the cooling system were covered with some kind of brown layer, which can be rubbed off with brake cleaner. All hose clamps were replaced.

Mounting the carburetors with all the hoses of the secondary air supply system is tricky, but this is well described in the workshop manual. Making tons of photos was a good decision, since it’s kind of tricky getting everything back together.

previous4027,35 €
Screw kit #170,25 €
Screw kit #266,45 €
Some more parts from TheTuningWorks120,77 €
Hose clamps and various other small parts25,00 €
Sum4309,82 €

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